Getting Started with Partially Contained Databases

Before SQL Server 2012, when we move or restore databases to a different SQL Server instance, then any logins associated with the database users do not automatically relocates to the new instance. As a result of this, we end up having orphaned users inside databases and these databases do not work straightaway after migration until we create and map logins associated with the database user to the target instance. Obviously, this makes the database less portable, because they depend on the SQL Server instance objects.

Fortunately, SQL Server 2012 comes with the new and robust security feature called partially contained databases, which addresses this vulnerability and makes databases much more portable compared to the earlier versions of SQL Servers. The great advantage of the partially contained databases is that it deals with orphaned users by storing all server-level security metadata and settings, including login details inside contained databases.

Check out my article (ie. Getting Started with Contained Databases) in which discussed this cool security feature of SQL Server 2012.

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