Centralized SSIS solution to monitor failed SQL Server Agent Jobs across the enterprise

SQL Server Agent Jobs are crucial to any SQL Server environment as they are created and scheduled to perform critical business and operational tasks. As a database administrator (DBA) or developer, it is our responsibility to monitor SQL Server Agent Jobs to make sure they are running successfully, without any failures.  SQL Server provides several methods, such as job notifications, SQL Server agent alerts, etc., that can help monitor our SQL Server Agent Jobs, so that you can get an email or alert when a particular SQL Server agent job fails.  However, the problem with these monitoring solutions are that they are dependent on Database Mail, and if you are working for an organization where you are prohibited for enabling the Database Mail feature on a SQL Server instance, due to data security reasons, then the only option is to check the status of SQL Server Agent Jobs by manually reviewing the job status in Job Activity Monitor, which is a time consuming task, especially if you are managing a large number of SQL Servers.

Check out my article here, in which I showed steps that you can follow to design your own centralized custom solution using SQL Server Integration Services that will email a report that contains the list of all SQL Server Agent Jobs across all of the SQL Servers that failed in the last hour.

This article is published on MSSQLTips.com.


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