Understanding SQL Server Database Restore Process

Data is a critical asset for an organization to keep information about their customers, inventory, products, purchasing, and financial stocks. It is our responsibility as a database administrator (DBA) to ensure that the information in the databases is available all the time.

Although, a SQL Server various high-availability solutions tries to keep the business data online, a database backup plan is critical to protect the business related data. It is very critical for companies to have an efficient database backup plan because databases backups allow them recovery from data corrupting event, data loss, or as part of a disaster recovery plan to cover the total failure of the primary data center. Moreover, the good database backup strategy also reduces data recovery time.

Checkout my article here, in which I discussed about SQL Server database restore and recovery process, available SQL Server database restore options, and how to verify a backups before restore. In the end, I compared and contrasted complete restore, piecemeal restore, file restore, page restore, and recovery only.

This article is published on SSWUG.org.


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