Configuring SQL Server Database Mail Feature

You can send e-mail from within stored procedures, functions, and triggers by using SQL Server Database Mail. You can also configure SQL Server Agent Mail to use Database Mail. Some features of Database Mail include:

  • Uses Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP)
  • Does not require Outlook or Extended Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) support
  • Can use multiple SMTP servers
  • Can be used in a cluster server configuration
  • Supports asynchronous background delivery
  • Supports multiple profiles and accounts
  • Supports security features, included prohibited file extensions, a limit on attachment size, and auditing
  • Allows you to send messages formatted in HTML

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SQL Server Database Backups and Recovery Models – (Part 1)

Whether caused by hardware failure, software errors or malicious actions, there is always a possibility of data loss. You should be prepared to deal with the loss of data and where possible recover your data. How well you plan for the possibility of failure, design of data protection strategy and the implementation of those plans can make the difference between a disaster and an inconvenience. Perhaps the most important tool for ensuring data recovery is a reliable backup of your database.

Checkout the part-1 of my three part article series on SQL SQL Server Database Backups and Recovery Models here, in which you will learn about basics of SQL Server backup process and database recovery models.

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